The Return of Nigel Farage ?

The Return of Nigel Farage? By Jane Kelly.

Strolling through Oxford with a friend last June we were suddenly assailed by a fat youth with studs on his face who accused us of ruining his life. It took us a moment to realise he was referring to the result of the referendum the day before.

‘Your generation has destroyed our chances,’ he whinged. ‘You have ruined my life.’ Before we had chance to reply he’d waddled quickly away. On our way back a young woman passing us, glanced up from her mobile and spat out the ‘C’ word at us.

It was a shock at the time but in the months following our vote to leave the EU most of us have got used to young people blaming the older generation for being better off than they are. Once they accused their grandparents of ‘casual racism’ but from last June to that was added the veniality of owning a home and drawing a pension. Naturally the young want all the goodies right away and they say their lives will be ruined if they are faced with deferred gratification. …

The UK election saw a swing to Corbyn led by the young, weakening the UK’s negotiating position for Brexit:

He was referring to the hard fact that we have to face 27 hostile EU nations at the conclusion of the Brexit talks in 2019 in a greatly weakened state.

Only one man can save the children, and the rest of us from disappearing permanently under the hill –- his strange frog face and incipient double chin appeared briefly like something beamed in from outer space: ‘It’s not what I wanted to do, but I will return,’ said Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage

He’s not in Parliament, he will have to create a grass roots movement of activists similar to Corbyn’s. They will be mainly middle-aged, beer drinking, cynical, worldly wise, not given to gluten free diets and sandal wearing, and they will be tax payers. Like Corbyn and unlike poor wraith like Mrs May, he can do it with charisma and aplomb because he has absolutely nothing to lose.

hat-tip Stephen Neil