A hefty reward awaits the murderer of an Israeli family — courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

A hefty reward awaits the murderer of an Israeli family — courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, by Caroline Glick.

Just last week the US State Department published a report blaming Israel for Palestinian terrorism and claiming that the PLO-led, and US-funded, Palestinian Authority doesn’t incite terrorism and violence and hatred. …

The State Department — Tillerson included, apparently — doesn’t see anything wrong with the fact that the PA uses more than $300 million every year to pay people like the murderer who butchered the Solomons and their families.

Having murdered the Solomons in their home, this terrorist is guaranteed a lifetime salary and pension for his family that ensure them all an upper middle class economic status — courtesy of US taxpayers via the “moderate” PA, PLO, Abbas, terror machine. …

The Solomon family was massacred Friday night as they celebrated Shabbat and the birth of their newest grandson in their home. They were massacred by a 19 year old jihadist who posted an explanation of his imminent act of barbarous murder against his Jewish neighbors on Facebook less that two hours before he stormed their home in Neve Tzuf.

The murderer used the same language as his”moderate” “pro-peace” “legitimate” leader, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas who said that Jews pollute the Temple Mount with our “filthy feet.”