Who Earns What at Their ABC?

Who Earns What at Their ABC? By Tony Thomas.

The country has Pauline Hanson to thank for winkling out some further particulars about how much the ABC’s top-20 on-air stars gets paid. ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has now provided written replies to Hanson’s written questions from the Senate Estimates hearings of last May.

In a nutshell, she says her five top stars are paid $375,001 to $450,000; six pocket $300,001 to $375,000, and nine get $225,001 to $300,000. …

To sum up, here’s Michelle Guthrie’s pay-bands, properly populated [after some interesting sleuthing and guesstimates by Tony Thomas].

$375,001-450,000: Tony Jones, Leigh Sales, Sarah Ferguson, Jon Faine, and Richard Glover.

$300,001-375,000: Juanita Philips, Fran Kelly, Chris Uhlmann, Barrie Cassidy, Annabel Crabb, and Virginia Trioli

$225,001-300,000: Ian Henderson, Zoe Daniel, Lisa Millar, Gerard Whately, Alan Kohler, and Emma Alberici, Plus any three of Mike Brissenden, Sabra Lane, Rafael Epstein, James Valentine, Pat Karvelas, Waleed Aly, and Julia Baird.

All paid for by taxpayer money, taken  from the people of Australia by threat of force and given to these people whether we like it or not. That’s coercion. It’s not required or called for in this day and age.

The private media stations have the great moral virtue that our transactions with them are voluntary.