Sydney is on the blink as surging electricity prices put 60,000 homes in danger of disconnection

Sydney is on the blink as surging electricity prices put 60,000 homes in danger of disconnection, by Annabel Hennessy.

TENS of thousands of people across Sydney are on the verge of having their lights turned off, with the government forced to roll out rescue cheques in a bid to help struggling families pay their electricity bills.

Calculations from The Daily Telegraph can reveal there are roughly 68,400 homes across NSW at risk of having their power cut because they cannot afford their rocketing bills. …

Where’s that global warming when you need it?

Charity workers said Western Sydney was being hit with a double whammy because the freezing temperatures and high proportion of fibro homes meant families were being whacked with bigger bills.

The situation has become so dire that 77 per cent of low-income NSW households are going without heating in a bid to reduce their onerous power bills, new research from the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) shows. And one in three low-income earners have been forced to stop using hot water for bathing to pay for energy bills.

All because a generation of mostly-stupid politicians didn’t have the calculations checked and were too ideological and incompetent to listen to all that evidence that the climate models don’t work. A triumph of theory and calculation over empirical science, and of renewables subsidy takers over little people in cold houses. Marvelous. There is going to be hell to pay when they realize it was all in vain. Book soon.