Corbyn Admits Mass Migration Has Been Used to ‘Destroy’ Conditions for British Workers

Corbyn Admits Mass Migration Has Been Used to ‘Destroy’ Conditions for British Workers, by Virginia Hale.

A Labour government would leave the Single Market, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed, admitting that European Union (EU) freedom of movement rules have damaged workers’ conditions.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr programme, the Labour leader ruled out staying in the Single Market because it was “inextricably linked” to EU membership, saying the country should seek a tariff-free trade deal instead.

Asked about his party’s attitude to EU immigration after Brexit, Corbyn claimed Labour would put a stop to the “wholesale importation of low-paid workers from central Europe,” admitting that this “destroys conditions” for British workers in industries like construction.

In the interview, Corbyn said he would put a stop to the practice of agencies advertising jobs in central Europe, and force them to “advertise in the locality first” – an approach barred by Brussels rules which deem this a form of discrimination. …

Admission of economic reality:

Corbyn’s admission that open borders with Europe has been bad news for British workers comes not long after the historically europhile GMB union conceded that mass migration results in the “pay, terms, conditions and job security of British workers” being “undercut” – noting that this is a “basic issue of supply and demand”.

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