Only Trump, a retrospective

Only Trump, a retrospective. By Lion of the Blogosphere.

1. Only Trump could have beaten Hillary Clinton. Do you think Jeb Bush would have won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin? No way.

2. Only Trump could have fought back against the false religion of climate change and pulled out of the Paris Accord (an important symbolic act). Would Jeb Bush have done that? No way.

3. Only Trump could have appointed anti-immigration people like Jeff Sessions to top government positions. Would Jeb Bush have done that? No way. Under Jeb Bush, our immigration policy would have been business as usual, and he’d be pushing Congress for a massive amnesty deal. …

Despite all of this “only Trump” goodness, Trump has disappointed me as President. He has not become more presidential. He has not been able to get control of the Deep State or keep his own people from leaking stuff to the media. He has let a bunch of conservative hacks take control of his healthcare and tax policies, and it’s clear that he, himself, is clueless about any of the details of what they are doing, or that they violate Trumpism. If the voters wanted conservative hacks running the country, they would have just voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries and not Trump. …

Trump is the best president we could have hoped for, but it’s sad that our political situation has degraded to such a state that Trump is the best president we could have hoped for.