Renewmaggedon – Solar, Wind Industries Dying as Subsidies Dry Up…

Renewmaggedon – Solar, Wind Industries Dying as Subsidies Dry Up…, by James Delingpole.

Slowly, deliciously, like a leech starved of blood, the renewable energy industry is withering away and dying. It can only survive through government enforced subsidies or bribe-incentives. Once those dry up, so does its trade.

I wish I could say it gave me no pleasure to see all those jobs being lost, all those businesses collapsing, all those investors losing their shirts. But I’d be lying. The jobs aren’t productive ones, the businesses are an ugly manifestation of crony capitalism, and the investors should have realized that in finance there’s no such thing as a one way bet. And in any case the victims of the renewable energy industry’s ongoing collapse will be far outnumbered by the victors.

Renewables are, and always have been, a scam perpetrated by the few against the many. A tiny minority – Elon Musk; Dale “Dog on a Rope” Vince; etc – get very, very rich. But the ordinary folk forced to use their “clean” energy (whether they like it or not) just see their bills go up or, in the worst cases die in fuel poverty, even while the planet we’re supposed to be saving gets carpeted in bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes and bird-frying solar arrays.

Imagine what will happen when the world finds out there is a technical error behind the carbon dioxide theory of global warming (book coming along well, soon). Then the subsidies will end and you’ll wish you’d invested in a hedge fund being set up to short renewables and other warmist monstrosities.

hat-tip Charles