Africa’s “Complex Transition” Into the Modern World

Africa’s “Complex Transition” Into the Modern World, by Al Fin.

When President Macron of France suggested that black Africa has “civilisational problems,” he was immediately attacked by the usual suspects of the politically correct mindset. But Macron was merely saying in a polite way what most intelligent observers have known for decades now: Africa is a bloody disaster, and is unlikely to get better in the foreseeable future.

… the reality is that in far too many of [black African] countries we see the same problems over and over: mass poverty, gross inequality, endemic corruption, weak institutions, generally inefficient and insensitive governance, and overpopulation in relation to available resources.

Defensiveness and denial are not helping the hundreds of millions of impoverished Africans living in want, insecurity, and fear. At best, this kind of attitude allows Africa’s middle-class intellectuals and privileged classes to avoid the public airing of uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing truths about the continent where they live. __ Remi Adekoya in Foreign Policy

Black Africa is dominated by corruption, rampant violence and poverty, frighteningly high disease rates, and a level of general ignorance / illiteracy / apathy that prevents meaningful change or “civilisational improvement.”

To date, the continent has received well over $600 billion in outside assistance. World Bank data show that a majority of African countries’ government spending comes directly from foreign aid. Yet much of Africa remains impoverished, and rampant corruption continues. …

… The problems caused by poverty and natural disasters are enormous, but aid’s track record suggests that it too often only makes matters worse. __ Foreign Aid is a Failure

Neither are ordinary black Africans receiving much benefit from international trade deals from China, Europe, or Anglospheric countries. Profits from oil and mineral wealth are skimmed by corrupt leaders and their associates, leaving most black Africans to live in perpetual poverty. Impressive infrastructure projects such as new railways, high rises, electrical generating stations, and so on, are typically left to decay and collapse for lack of routine care and maintenance. …

In general, Africans themselves cannot manage modern infrastructures without outside help. And as long as low population average IQ and poor population executive functions remain the problems that they are, modern infrastructure will remain beyond the reach of most African nations. Even South Africa — once relatively wealthy and advanced — is suffering rapid infrastructure decline and failure. …

African birthrates promise a global explosion of dysfunction

Europe is the current recipient of Africa’s dysfunctional human overflow. Rape and violence are becoming more common in previously safe and sedate communities in Germany, Sweden, France, and many other European nations. Since Europe is so easily accessible from Africa, we should expect to see rising rates in Europe of the same kinds of problems so commonly seen inside black Africa itself. And we do. …

Politically correct excuses for Africa tell us more about the slavish dogmatic inanity of today’s babbling classes, than about the reality of root causes.

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

That graph again

There’s no solution in sight. There is scarcely even any talk about where an evolution of the current situation will (obviously) lead.

One must avoid too much linear thinking, but the current path indicated by demographics isn’t a secret. And where does that lead?

It’s obvious it leads to the extinction of Europe in two generations or a big fight. Those are the two things the PC elite don’t want to say. So they end up hoping that something else (which they haven’t thought of yet) happens instead. Which isn’t very convincing.