US Gay Magazine Encourages Readers to ‘Drop’ Gay Republican Friends

US Gay Magazine Encourages Readers to ‘Drop’ Gay Republican Friends, by Charlie Nash.

OUT Magazine has encouraged its readers to “drop” gay conservative friends in a new article titled, “What To Do When Your Friend’s a Gay Republican.”

“We drop friends all the time for a whole variety of reasons — they messed with our loves lives, they lied, they weren’t supportive — so why do some people think it’s such an outlandish idea to dump them for their political views?” asked actor, singer, and writer Michael Musto in his column for OUT Magazine …. “I think there’s a misguided sense that, ‘It’s a free country and people have the right to believe what they want. Why should I let their political opinions interfere with a long-running friendship?’” …

“Similarly, if a real-life friend—someone who knows my plight, my accomplishments, and my oppressions—decides to trumpet in my face the alleged glories of the Republican party, I simply have to show them the hand and the door,” claimed Musto in his article. “Friendship over. …”

“They are as over to me as a boyfriend who cheated with someone I was cheating with,” he concluded. “I have no use for them and would find it more than strained to attempt exchanging friendly banter with them, knowing full well that they’re basically self-loathing climbers who are furthering the mistreatment of mankind with their empty headed emissions.”