Media labels British PM a dead duck as chaos rules amid Brexit

Media labels British PM a dead duck as chaos rules amid Brexit, by Ticky Fullerton.

It was left to Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear notoriety to call out in the Times that two elections on the trot had been messed up by Britain’s young people who needed their bottoms smacked. “They couldn’t be bothered to vote in the European Union referendum and we ended up with Brexit,” he said.

“And then, having realised the error of their ways, they decided they would vote for that arse Jeremy Corbyn in the general election, so now we’ve ended up with a hung parliament. Which won’t be able to deal with the mess their bone-idleness created in the first place.” Touche.

Over in Europe, EU president Jean Claude Junker wants to make Britain pay, literally with a divorce bill — the numbers quoted have been up to 85 billion quid. Yet at a time when Britain should be united in getting the best deal, its negotiating power is being white-anted from within.

Grenfell fire disaster:

Brits have been living with austerity for seven years and they are sick of it. And while we in Australia looked on appalled at the terrorist attacks on London Bridge and the Borough Markets, the catalyst for national fury has been not terror, but the horror of the Grenfell Towers fire. The scandal around the building casing makes our pink batts look like a minor misdemeanour, but the burnt-out shell in the otherwise well-heeled borough of Kensington is an open sore on social inequality, and again political opportunism has already undermined even the inquiry into the fire.

hat-tip Stephen Neil