‘Cold civil war’ gripping US as media embrace ‘different truths’

‘Cold civil war’ gripping US as media embrace ‘different truths’, by Daniel Chaitin.

Former executive editor and vice president of the [left-leaning] Washington Post, … Carl Bernstein depicted the contentious nature of politics as being in the middle of a “cold civil war” as President Trump pushes back against what he calls “fake news” and various news outlets are perceived as espousing different “truths.” …

Bernstein [is] best known for his investigative reporting for the Washington Post that shed light on the Watergate scandal leading to President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974 …

Bernstein said … that there is a political and cultural civil war and all of our reporting is taking place in the context of that cold civil war. And nothing quite like that existed at the time of Watergate.”

Part of the “cold civil war,” Berstein added, can be pinned on the “configuration of media with Fox News, with CNN being perceived by different sets of viewers as representing different truths.” Singling out Fox News, he said the right-leaning cable news channel has “changed American politics as perhaps no other institution has.”

Not all of his critique focused solely on specific networks, but on cable news in general, which he described as a “hothouse of political debate in which fact-based debate is becoming impossible in this culture.

He said this “different media universe” is partly to blame on reporters coming on the air to discuss their stories.


PC is a set of ideas that are “politically” correct but not correct, false ideas that one only believes out of political fear or gain. As PC intensifies, the media that pushes the PC ideas (the bulk of the mainstream media) has increasingly diverged from the parts of the media (mainly on the Internet) that sticks to realism. It will be interesting to see how long this situation persists — probably until PC loses credibility and effectiveness as a political means of gaining power. This might take a while.