Julie Bishop’s one-liner put down of Donald Trump’s sexism

Julie Bishop’s one-liner put down of Donald Trump’s sexism, by Rachel Blaxendale.

Julie Bishop has taken a swipe at the casual sexism shown by Donald Trump in remarks he made to France’s First Lady last week.

Mr Trump was caught on film looking Brigitte Macron up and down before telling her: “You’re in such good shape,” then adding: “Beautiful,” during an official visit to Paris. …

Asked whether she would be flattered or offended had Mr Trump made similar comments to her similar to those he made to Mrs Macron, Ms Bishop said she would be “taken aback”. …

“It’s a rather interesting comment to make,” she said before adding the devastating put-down: “I wonder if she could say the same of him?”

Not that sexism is warranted, but I’d note in passing that Donald Trump has five kids and Julie Bishop none. If the propensities to notice such things and to disregard PC are genetic, Julie’s genes aren’t going to effect the future because they ain’t going anywhere.

hat-tip Stephen Neil