Disgusting BART a Predictable Product of Failing Progressive Politics

Disgusting BART a Predictable Product of Failing Progressive Politics, by Samuel Chi.

BART is literally falling apart amidst a pile of excrement.

Originally opened in 1972, Bay Area Rapid Transit was once the envy of all public transportation agencies all across the United States. With its futuristic trains traveling at high speeds connecting various points of the East Bay and the peninsula to Downtown San Francisco, BART trains via the Transbay Tube gave San Francisco Bay area commuters a fast and inexpensive alternative to the always-gridlocked Bay Bridge and highways.

But fast forward four decades, the transit system is now an abhorrent mess. Its trains are aging and dirty. Many of its stations reek of stench from urine and human feces. And in certain areas the trains are downright dangerous, as teenage gangs blithely attack and rob defenseless passengers without any repercussions. …

This should really be nothing new to the overseers of BART, which in recent years have become another victim of Bay Area’s failed progressive politics:

  • Allowed to unionize, BART operators have gone on strikes several times, the most recent in 2013, as wages skyrocketed for union members. To offset the labor cost, BART is now one of the most expensive transit systems in the world with train operators making more money than many of its riders.
  • San Francisco and surrounding communities’ permissiveness toward vagrancy and homelessness has contributed to the deteriorating conditions of many stations. Most of the elevators in Downtown San Francisco stations are now inoperable as their mechanisms are destroyed by urine and human excrement after years of neglect.
  • Stations in Oakland, meanwhile, have been the scene of marauding teenage gangs, but their activities have largely been unchecked by BART police. In fact, BART is actively trying to bury the crime statistics. In a leaked July 7 memo, BART management defended such practice because it feared that the reports would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color.”

If the left dominate certain cities and govern poorly (Detroit and Chicago spring to mind as some of the worst), many US cities will be a complete mess. About half the states of the US are about to go broke because of mismanaged pensions schemes and general corruption, stating with Illinois. Next stop, Venezuela?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific