Sex robots raise ethical questions about fidelity and crime

Sex robots raise ethical questions about fidelity and crime, by Ruth Ostrow. For girls, the old competitors were prostitutes:

Many years ago I took a radio crew into a high-class brothel in Sydney. …

The club was filled with beautiful people, male and female. The working girls were mainly university students hunting down easy money.

But it was the men I found most fascinating. Sitting around in an open, relaxed bar area where the girls were drinking with them, or in a large jacuzzi “just for warm-ups”, were the creme de la creme of the professional world. Good-looking and well-heeled men in their late 20s, 30s or early 40s, on their way home from city jobs — the sorts of men my single friends all wanted to date. What were they doing here instead?

One man lying in a spa bath with mates summed it up for listeners on my radio show: “Hey, can you handle the truth?” he laughed. “If I take a woman out for dinner on a date there’s a 50-50 chance I’ll get sex. So that’s $120 with no guaranteed gain. For $200 (the rate in those days) I am guaranteed sex or a happy ending rub.”

No wonder my single girlfriends were so despairing. …

How will society feel about robot sex workers? Could sexbots lead to greater social isolation? Would they help to reduce — or increase — sex crimes? And who would use them regularly?

The whiz-bang finance men in the brothel could certainly get an even better deal as owner-occupiers of such an investment. But would the average male do it? Would women? Is it infidelity? …

There are now sex-doll brothels across the world. And some men are even marrying them.

We are months rather than years away from getting early (but not yet walking) prototypes compatible with artificial intelligence that can move, contract, speak and have personalities.

And once we are over the “sad sack factor” or “only the lonely”, it may become the norm. The report, which uses an aggregate of various surveys, says that on average two-thirds of males would try robotic sex, and half as many women — which is still a sizeable number; and about 86 per cent thought they could be sexually satisfied.

After all, our brain is our biggest sex organ and with our fantasies in full swing, excitatory hormones will flow and off we go.

But the report urges us to consider many ethical and legal issues, such as privacy. If robots are linked to the web …

Will such robots create social isolation? The scholars cited in the report agree that sex with robots could exacerbate the growing problem of narcissism caused by social media. On the other hand, for the disabled, elderly or sexually or emotionally challenged, it allows access to a way of life previously denied them, and could prove to be a healing tool. …

It will be possible to request an actual human being’s face. Could be you! …

Will women want them too?

I worked in a sex shop for a while and know how much women love their toys. But I also know that for the most women consider sex toys second best to satiating the skin-hunger that comes from intimacy. We desire that we are desired.

Women also produce the hormone oxytocin after a few orgasms with the one person. That is the “cuddle chemical” nature provides to get us to fall in love and procreate. It’s an unbelievable buzz once it kicks in. Will we feel isolated and depressed at the lack of more powerful “love-gasms”, or will our imaginations and fantasy push us through?

Effect on crime?

Would sex robots help to reduce sex crimes? The jury is out on this, too. On one side, there’s a small number who believe a sex robot would satiate dark, illegal perversions and prevent abuse of humans.

But countless scholars and therapists insist that this presumption is dangerous. Indeed, there was a horrible story recently on the rise of pedophile dolls, which are banned in Australia. …


The report says advanced sex dolls / quasi sexbots range in price from about $5000 to $15,000 for what will soon be top-of-the-line sexbots that are fast being developed to respond to touch, and could simulate orgasm, making arched neck and facial movements, and having contractions.