Think Trump’s in trouble? Look at the other guys

Think Trump’s in trouble? Look at the other guys, by Jack the Insider.

The early signs show the Democrats will go into the midterm congressional elections next year doing nothing more than promoting themselves as a policy vacuum, pinning all their hopes on anti-Trump sentiment. …

Certainly, the Trump Administration is in crisis. … Despite the shrill headlines, where we are at is best summed up in the words of a former Federal prosecutor, who boldly asserted yesterday that what has been uncovered to date, “raises a number of potential areas of liability” which is lawyer speak for there isn’t enough evidence to draw any further conclusions. …

Late last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a raft of slogans for a round of fundraising in advance of the midterm elections in November 2018, asking members to choose the one they liked most. The offerings were all atrocious.

One slogan acknowledged last year’s failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — “She persisted, we resisted.”

Attempting to make an asset out of a failed campaign led by a doomed candidate who essentially was given the gig out of a sense of obligation is about as dumb as it gets and brings to mind the quote, sometimes misattributed to the French diplomat Tallyrand, “It’s worse than a crime, it’s a mistake.”

For anyone with a modicum of political nous, surely the lesson for the Democrats is to put Hillary Clinton in the cupboard, sack everybody and start again.

hat-tip Stephen Neil