Double standards of justice developing for lefties and everyone else

Double standards of justice developing for lefties and everyone else, by Charles Moore. Commenting on the bias of BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg during the recent UK election:

Early in the campaign, Kuenssberg was assailed by Labour supporters. … The bit the Tories haven’t said in public but keep complaining about in private is that the BBC never reported that Kuenssberg was so badly threatened online by Corbyn supporters that she was given personal protection. They feel that this subdued her capacity to cover the contest clearly.

They suspect that if Theresa May had possessed fans as thuggish as Mr Corbyn’s, the BBC would have made a meal of it. I do not know the details of this story, and the BBC won’t comment on security questions, but I have had it informally confirmed from within the BBC. If it is correct, surely the BBC should disclose it.

Classic bias. Simply omit news that is not favorable to the PC left. We all know that if it had been the other way around, the PC media would have trumpeted it to the heavens and still be reminding us six months later.

It seems we have two legal systems, a mild one for left-wing types and a tougher one for the right of center people.

Another example. According to the German version of Der Spiegel, all hooligans detained by the police in Hamburg have now been released. It is very unlikely that anybody will be sent to prison. The courts in Germany normally tread very lightly on left wing violence and destruction. It is an almost hopeless task for the police and prosecutors, to actually get any left-wing violence-monger jailed. Many police officers have almost given up.

Imagine if the huge and destructive riot in Hamburg have been by the right-wing Pegida movement. There would have been hundreds arrested, with stiff sentences to deter hooliganism and political violence to follow.

In Sweden many experienced police officers are leaving for other jobs. Why bother wasting your efforts when a PC bureaucracy obstructs and overrules you at every turn? Just give up all hope and leave.