The Australian renewables creation story

The Australian renewables creation story, by David Archibald.

To recap: the nation’s embrace of renewables has caused widespread blackouts, businesses to close, the indigent to seek shelter in public buildings in the current winter. All of which was entirely predictable. More and worse is coming as the renewables percentage of our power supply ramps up. …

Who can be held responsible?

As Australian families struggle with higher and higher power bills, with the respiratory disease load from underheated homes in winter, and all the other afflictions that come from third-world-level power reliability and pricing, whose name should they curse?

The lefties in both major parties currently promoting renewables are mindless automata; they really don’t understand what they are doing, most likely don’t care about the consequences and nobody has high expectations of them in the first place. But who knowingly set up the conditions that allowed them to repeat their inane platitudes without being mocked for spouting scientific and economic drivel?

John Howard was an advocate of nuclear power. So, as Margaret Thatcher once did but later regretted, he encouraged the carbon dioxide theory of global warming as a way of shifting to nuclear.

The villain in our story is John Winston Howard and this is the backstory of global warming and renewables in Australia. As a student at Sydney University, Howard used to travel across Sydney to sit at the knee of Sir Philip Baxter and be told stories of the wonders of nuclear power. This would have been in the early 1960s. Sir Philip was a UK-born chemical engineer who had contributed to the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge in 1944. …

Young Winston soaked up the stories of how wonderful nuclear power will be and promptly shut up about it. He became a one-man sleeper cell of nuclear advocacy, to be activated once the conditions were right.

This story could have had a happy ending but our villain, as Prime Minister, decided to speed things up and create the conditions conducive to acceptance of nuclear power by the Australian public. …

On June 6, 2006, he appointed Ziggy Switkowski as chairman of an inquiry into the viability of a domestic nuclear power industry. That inquiry concluded that the power price in Australia had to be much higher to justify the adoption of nuclear power. So our villain, our second-rate Machiavelli, set out to make power prices much higher. …

At the time, Prime Minister Howard had a public stance of being agnostic on global warming. In private he was known to be scathing, correctly seeing it as a fraud. But he continually aided and abetted the global warming industry, culminating in his last dark deed. This was the passage of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER) in October, 2007, before losing the federal election the following month. The NGER is the auditing basis of the carbon tax. The idea was to get the paperwork flow settled down and then start taxing.

Howard’s ministers had no idea why he had introduced the NGER. They didn’t ask and he didn’t volunteer. Even Dennis Jensen, who was one of the few Liberal MPs to say that global warming was a fraud, voted for the NGER. These people literally had no idea what they were doing and why.

Some other points:

Tony Abbott’s declaration that the 15 percent renewables target under his government is the correct level is a statement of religious belief, a tradeoff between what the legacy system can stand and the demands of religious observance – in this case the virtue-signalling of an ever higher renewables component in our power supply.

The big picture view of energy is as follows. One-third of energy comes from oil at the moment. When that starts running down, liquid fuels will start being made from coal, eventually doubling the coal consumption rate. So instead of coal lasting hundreds of years, people being born today will start seeing the end of coal. And then there will only be nuclear. It will be nuclear or the void of nothingness.

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