Sex: The Church Vs. The World

Sex: The Church Vs. The World, by Rod Dreher.

Liberals and moderates both inside and outside the Christian churches have a habit of saying, “Why are you conservative Christians so hung up on sex, especially gay sex? You need to get over it.”

To that, I always reply, “To the contrary, it is you who have elevated sex and sexuality to the most important issue in the Church. This is no surprise. You have been formed by a popular culture that has elevated sex and sexuality to the center of our existence. The Church is the only institution left that tries to order sex rightly, to put it in its proper place.” …

Who, exactly, is the obsessed-with-sex party here?

For the record, as someone who has been a practicing Christian for half my life, I have only very rarely had the traditional teaching on sexuality presented at all. Maybe it was different in your church. It seems to me that churches are in general terrified to talk about sex at all, in part because they don’t want to offend others.

When people accuse the Christian churches of being “unhealthily sex-focused organizations,” what they’re really expressing is loathing of the church for not approving of something that they’ve placed at the center of their lives.

hat-tip Stephen Neil