Who did rich people really vote for in the 2016 US Presidential election?

Who did rich people really vote for in the 2016 US Presidential election? By Lion of the Blogosphere.

A new data source became available in April, at the U.C. Berkeley SDA archive, and that’s the American National Election Studies (ANES) 2016. This provides a cornucopia of information not available in the exit polls.

I ran this report selecting only non-Hispanic white voters. …

Income below $110,000: Trump beats Clinton 55.7% to 36.7%
Income $110,000 and above: Clinton beats Trump 50.3% to 43.3%

When you remove the race and ethnicity constraints from the data, Clinton beat Trump by 53.7% to 39.6% among respondents with income of $110,000 and higher.

The new left is the grouping most aligned to the interests of the well-to-do in most western countries, representing the elite of bureaucrats, academics, media and other opinion-makers over the deplorables. Economically, the new left increasingly represents those who do well from big government — whose income is determined by what they can convince government they should be paid, rather than by the discipline of the marketplace.