Orkney Islands Council buys defunct Pelamis wave generator for £1

Orkney Islands Council buys defunct Pelamis wave generator for £1, by the BBC.

Orkney Islands Council has bought a 180m (591ft) long redundant wave-power generator for a £1. …

It was the first deep-water, floating wave energy machine to generate power into the national grid.

The company that built it, Pelamis Wave Power, went into administration in November 2014. …

In 2012, the inventor of the Pelamis wave energy device, Dr Richard Yemm, won the annual Saltire Prize Medal for his outstanding contribution to the development of the marine renewables sector. …

Looks good in a diagram, but pretty hopeless in reality:

Emec managing director Neil Kermode said his centre had bought the generator after the company’s demise because he did not want to see Pelamis simply “chopped up” for scrap.

“We touted it around for a couple of years, didn’t really get anywhere and thought,OK it’s not going anywhere, it’s costing us money to keep it tied to the quayside at Lyness, we’ve got to get rid of it,” he said.

These things never work. We hear about them being built, and how wonderful they will be, but we never hear about a successful one. If one succeeded, don’t you think it would be continually trumpeted throughout the land? We’d never hear the end of it.

This one was a waste of someone’s money. Much of the money probably came from taxpayers’, who had no choice about paying for it. Coerced into funding folly.