Will Darwinism Kill Feminism?

Will Darwinism Kill Feminism? By Martin Daubney.

The tantalisingly-named Marcia Inhorn, Professor of Anthropology at Yale University, said, “There is a major gap – they are literally missing men. In simple terms, this is about an oversupply of educated women”.

Using all her mighty intellect, Prof Inhorn proffered, “Maybe women need to be prepared to be more open to the idea of a relationship with someone not as educated”.

At this point, most men will probably be face-palming to the point of whiplash, slugging scotch directly from the bottle or changing their Tinder settings to exclude late-30s careerists.

But the professor is onto something, only she’s looking down the wrong end of the telescope. So, allow me to mansplain.

On the manosphere, hypergamy – the concept that women will only cynically “marry up” in terms of status and wealth – is a recurrent bone of contention.

Yet the comments under the Telegraph piece show this cynicism is bleeding hard into the mainstream.

Having forlornly waited decades for Mr Right, haunted by the tick-tock of their biological clocks, these women instead now want a Mr Right Now. Who’s basically a walking sperm donor.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many men don’t want to play that game – especially those ultra-desirable, highly-educated, alpha males these women covet.

What the Yale team have spectacularly failed to grasp is that these men aren’t intimidated by these careerists. Increasingly, they just don’t want them. But why not? …