More left-wing violence at Hamburg G-20 Meeting

More left-wing violence at Hamburg G-20 Meeting. Billed as an “anti capitalist” demonstration called “Welcome to Hell”. Naturally the western media goes on and on about the awful left wing violence and how dangerous it is –no, it happens so often that it is barely even “news”.

Check out this video of setting cars alight and smashing windows:

This is a part of how the anti-Trump, anti-American card is played by Merkel before the German elections in September.

12,000 violent left wing demonstrators were brought to Hamburg by trains and coaches to protest against Trump and his climate policies. This was known months ahead. The conference center was located close to areas in Hamburg were many left wing people live.

Car insurance is not valid if you park in an area where riots are likely, as in Hamburg. At least 150 cars were set on fire, and some houses as well. A lot of small businesses are closed in Hamburg city for a week.

German police seem to be helpless. Perhaps this is intentional, as it was at Berkeley?

100,000 protestors, 8,000 of whom were ready to commit violence: