Where’s the original footage of Trump beating up that guy in the CNN video?

Where’s the original footage of Trump beating up that guy in the CNN video? Turns out it was all for entertainment at WWE:

McMahon is a billionaire too. The match was the battle of the billionaires with their reps in the rink, and the loser got his head shaved (McMahon lost, and Trump clearly enjoyed shaving his head).

That was 2007.

In 2016 Trump appointed McMahon’s wife to head up the Small Business Administration:

On Wednesday, Trump announced that he has selected former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon to head his Small Business Administration. McMahon is the wife of billionaire WWE promoter, Vincent McMahon, whose net worth FORBES estimates at $1.16 billion.

The couple cofounded WWE, which now has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion, more than three decades ago. According to WWE’s most recent annual report, Linda McMahon personally owns $84 million in WWE stock. She served as CEO from 1997 until 2009, when she stepped down to pursue public office. Her unsuccessful U.S. Senate runs as a Republican in Connecticut in 2010 and 2012 cost the couple an estimated $100 million.

Obviously Trump still gets on well with the man he is seen decking and punching in 2007.

Yet CNN try to spin this as a threat of violence to the media? After a loony lefty imbibes their politicized “news” then shoots five Republican congressmen in Washington — one of whom, Chris Scalise, is just now going back into intensive care? Amazing.

hat-tip Joanne