‘F*ck White People’ art not racist, rules South Africa magistrate

‘F*ck White People’ art not racist, rules South Africa magistrate. By RT.

A Cape Town magistrate’s court has ruled that an art poster with the words F*ck White People scrawled all over it is not racist or that it amounts hate speech since it seeks to address the problems caused by a white-dominated society.

The poster, covered in the words F*ck White People, all in capital letters … is on display at the Iziko South African National Gallery …

At the Equality Court in Cape Town Tuesday, Magistrate Daniel Thulare ruled the piece was protest art against the social power structures in South African society rather than white people as such.

So what is racist, if not this? Racism is when you treat people differently according to their race. It is a pre-judice; the judgement is made before knowing the person individually. That artwork meets the definition of racism exactly. It did not say “F**k the social power structures,” it said “F*ck White People”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil