Colombia Celebrates First ‘Three-Way Gay Marriage’

Colombia Celebrates First ‘Three-Way Gay Marriage’, by Thomas Williams.

Colombia has become the first country to legally recognize the union of three gay men, where Manuel Bermúdez, Alejandro Rodríguez and Víctor Hugo Prada have united in a “special three-way patrimonial regime” in the city of Medellín.

Although the arrangement is being billed by local media as a “three-way gay marriage,” legally it is closer to a civil union. In 2016, Colombia legalized same-sex marriage, but for the moment it still officially limits the number of partners to two. …

“We want to make what’s intimate, public,” said 23-year-old Prada, the youngest of the three. “We have no reason to hide it. We are just helping people realize that there are different types of love and different types of family.” …

Originally this polyamorous relationship included a fourth partner, Alex Esneider Zabala, but he died of stomach cancer in 2012. In that instance, Zabala’s mother claimed inheritance rights to the young man’s property, but Colombian courts awarded the inheritance to the three remaining partners in the relationship.

International competitive virtue signalling makes eventual acceptance a mere formality.

hat-tip Stephen Neil