‘We’re at a low ebb’: Tony Abbott bashes Liberal leadership in leaked audio

‘We’re at a low ebb’: Tony Abbott bashes Liberal leadership in leaked audio, by Michael Kozoi.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has used a guest appearance at a branch meeting in the electorate of Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar to bash Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s second budget and call on members to rise up against the Liberal Party’s direction.

Another speech, two days earlier

Mr Abbott said the Liberal Party needed help “so that we can be what we really are”, and said Australians had for too long tolerated those who did not share the fundamental God-given values that underpinned Western civilisation. …

A Liberal Party source who attended Monday night’s meeting said the audience of about 200 was “basically in raptures” at the end of Mr Abbott’s presentation.

“He is definitely on the war path,” the source said. “I have never seen him speaking so well or looking so good.”

Mr Abbott began his address by imploring members to heed the “two fundamental precepts” of Western civilisation, “both of which stem originally from the Gospel”. Those were equality in the eyes of God (“equal rights, equal dignity, equal responsibilities”), and treating others as you would have them treat you. …

Climate change:

He said “politics has got in the way of common sense” and that climate change should not take precedence over living standards, national security or matters of deprivation and justice.

“Yes it’s an issue, but if it comes to a choice between your job and reducing emissions, I choose your job every time,” he said to applause.