The Freedom Center Beats the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Freedom Center Beats the Southern Poverty Law Center, by Daniel Greenfield. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) is a far left organization that uses its charming and seemingly sympathetic name to demonize Western values and Conservative organizations. The group is very small but is used by MSNBC and CNN to identify anyone on the right as a “far right hate group”.

Post a conservative story on Facebook or search for it on Google and out pops Snopes, a partisan site, to warn you of wrongthinking. And, until recently, when you searched for a conservative organization on Guidestar, out popped the Southern Poverty Law Center to accuse you and it of being deplorable bigots.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Snopes are left-wing partisan groups with no qualifications to do anything except hate conservatives. …

Guidestar’s mission is providing information about non-profits. Instead its boss, leftist activist Jacob Harold, pursued a partisan agenda. 46 organizations were accused on Guidestar’s listings of being hate groups. According to Harold, the SPLC “has the most comprehensive information on hate groups”.

There’s no question that the SPLC’s listings are comprehensive. They included, at one point, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz’s father, a Republican nominee for Governor of Colorado, a former Republican member of the House from Colorado, a Republican member of the House from Iowa and the African-American former Secretary of State of Ohio. Current SPLC targets include the President of the United States and nearly every member of his cabinet. The SPLC’s definition of extremist is Republican. …

The SPLC’s mission is the suppression of dissent. It deliberately jumbles together totalitarian and open organizations, racists and conservatives, Nazis and anti-Islamists as a smear campaign to delegitimize everyone it disagrees with. And that’s everyone to the right. …

The left is encouraging violence, while falsely accusing the right of the same:

There is zero evidence linking the conservative groups smeared by Harold and his SPLC allies to violence. The same cannot be said for the SPLC which has been linked to violence against its political targets.

  • Floyd Lee Corkins’ shooting spree at the Family Research Council began with the SPLC. Corkins confessed to the FBI that he had used the SPLC website to research targets.
  • James Hodgkinson, who opened fire at a Republican charity baseball practice, was a fan of the SPLC.
  • The Middlebury College assault which injured a female professor was driven by the SPLC’s wrongful listing of Charles Murray. …

The tide is turning?

Newly emboldened conservative activists are turning the tide against the left. They are refusing to accept being harassed, abused, threatened, assaulted, marginalized and silenced as business as usual. …

The SPLC list is heavily biased, tainted and flawed. It is not based on any meaningful research. And yet it continues to be widely used. Meanwhile the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich is campaigning to further censor internet search results. The message is that the left’s agenda of embedding its worldview into the informational spaces of the internet will be the major battle of the next five years.

We know that in the climate space Google has been down-ranking skeptical sites for years, making them harder to find. For example, a web page criticizing a skeptical article will often have a rank above the skeptical article, even though the critical web page is on a tiny one-person hobbyist site with minuscule traffic, while the original skeptical article has hundreds of comments and is on a well trafficked website.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific