Muslim police officer attempts to blackmail student into shutting up about Islam

Muslim police officer attempts to blackmail student into shutting up about Islam, by Fahreheit.

A young woman originally from Oldham, who is set to attend Newcastle University, offered up the opinion, based on fact, that Islamic terrorism has its roots in the texts of the Koran. Because she did this, she was contacted by a police officer from Northumbria Police who threatened the lady, Jonaya English of ‘The Insurgents’ You Tube channel, with having her place at Newcastle University removed.

The officer, PC Mohammed Khan, said to Ms English in an electronic communication that if she didn’t engage with PC Khan then it would become a ‘safeguarding’ matter and that he, PC Khan said that he would have no option but to ask Newcastle University to withdraw the offer of a place to Ms English.

Jonaya English (image from Ms English’s Twitter page)

This is an appalling example of Islamic bullying and even worse by a Muslim in uniform. … Ms English is plainly being bullied for holding an opinion about Islam that Muslim police officers do not like.

This story is not in the mainstream media. How many more are there like this? Remember that the Rotherham rapes and likewise elsewhere, in which over 100,000 English girls were sexually abused by Muslims, went on for over a decade before reaching the mainstream media because the police and other authorities covered it up due to PC and not wanting to be seen as “racist”.

hat-tip Stephen Neil