The Media’s Shameful Refusal To Report On Putin’s Ties To The American Left

The Media’s Shameful Refusal To Report On Putin’s Ties To The American Left, by Eugene Slaven.

Russia has been in the business of influencing Americans’ beliefs and indirectly our electoral decisions for 100 years. Virtually every faction of the 60s era Left got its Marxist talking points from Moscow, and many of the themes pervading mainstream liberal schools emanated from Russia. …

The evidence of Russia’s prolific history of meddling in U.S. politics is incontrovertible. And it would behoove our elected leaders to shed some light on this insidious foreign influence. A good starting point is Russia’s financial ties to powerful anti-fracking and anti-oil lobbies in the United States.

But now that Russia is suspected of helping the right … foul!

Will my baby granddaughter pay the price of my fight for equality? Sixties feminist sees the emotional emptiness facing women today

Will my baby granddaughter pay the price of my fight for equality? Sixties feminist sees the emotional emptiness facing women today. By Jeannette Kupferman.

The moment I held Amber Ann in my arms — just minutes after her birth — an unexpected cocktail of emotions nearly floored me; what can best be described as a mixture of unbridled joy mingled with apprehension.

My first grandchild was so perfectly formed, her eyes blinking in the bright hospital lights, her little fingers intertwined with mine. Of course, every baby is an individual miracle — but Amber was something of an actual miracle too, as my daughter-in-law Ewa, who suffered from endometriosis, had never believed she could conceive. …

Much as I’d always longed for grandchildren, when I turned 70 I’d almost given up.

Both my son, Elias, a historian, now 52, and daughter, Mina, an editor and photographer, 50, married late in life, and I knew the chances were diminishing. Yet here was Amber Ann, my son’s first child, snuggling into my arms.

Has feminism improved the lot of upper middle class women? Perhaps not.

It makes me wonder what happened to the Brave New World we’d envisaged for our daughters and granddaughters. A world of unlimited possibilities, choices and equality for girls to become or do anything?

A world I — like many women — fought for in the Sixties.

Has feminism made life worse, not better, for today’s generation of girls?

Certainly, women have never existed in such a bleak emotional landscape.

The porn culture has virtually taken over every area of life, perhaps born from those Sixties cries for sexual liberation that you should have as much sex as you like, with whoever you like. …

Meanwhile, traditional roles have become ever more ideologically despised — so much so that last week the very act of being a housewife or mother was banned from advertisements for perpetuating ‘outdated’ gender stereotypes. …

But aren’t young girls today just as imprisoned by the drive to bear their flesh as the cliched Victorian wife in crinolines? It’s almost as compulsory for a young woman to take a pouting semi-naked selfie today as it was for a teenager in the Fifties to wear bobby socks. …

Who could have predicted such an obsession with thinness or worship of celebrities for the near-Frankensteinian outrages they inflict on their bodies? …

The well-meaning battles we embarked on in idealistic youth have somehow robbed young women of the soul of femininity. We’ve lost something precious, distinctive and unique. …

I have learned, over the years, that the ‘stereotypical’ roles of femininity can give a sense of identity and security unmatched by anything in the corporate or professional world.

Glenn Reynolds:

Fish develops appreciation for bicycle-based culture. And not only did your — only, miraculously born — granddaughter pay the price, but so did the ones you never had.

‘All whites racist’ scandal at Cambridge

‘All whites racist’ scandal at Cambridge, by Rosemary Bennett.

Cambridge University is investigating remarks by the head of an equality group who claimed “all white people are racist” and praised protesters who clashed violently with police.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, 20, who runs the university students’ Black and Minority Ethnic Campaign, posted the comment on Twitter on Friday night after protests over the death of Rashan Charles turned violent and police were attacked in London.

Tweets from his account encouraged the protesters and claimed that white people had “colonised” the Dalston neighbourhood of east London. Police are also investigating his remarks.

One tweet said: “Watching these middle-class white people despair over black people protesting in their colonised Dalston is absolutely delicious.” Another read: “ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.” …

A Cambridge University spokesman said the college is looking into this matter “and will respond appropriately”.

More than half the continental US is within range of latest North Korean missile test, defense experts say

More than half the continental US is within range of latest North Korean missile test, defense experts say, by Michael Sheetz.

North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday, which defense experts say could reach as far as New York or other U.S. East Coast cities.

The most recent test lofted the North Korean missile on a very high trajectory, bringing it down in the Sea of Japan. Preliminary data from the launch reveals that half, if not most, of the continental U.S. would be in range of the missile tested Friday.

“Looks like it pretty much can get to New York, Boston and probably falls just short of Washington,” David Wright, co-director and senior scientist for the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told CNBC.

The missile flew for 47 minutes, traveled a distance of 1,000 kilometers (about 620 miles) and reached an altitude as high as 3,700 kilometers (nearly 2,300 miles), South Korean military told Reuters.

And all of Australia too.

755 US diplomats must leave Russia: Putin

755 US diplomats must leave Russia: Putin, by AFP.

President Vladimir Putin said 755 US diplomats must leave Russia and warned ties with Washington could be gridlocked for a long time, in a move Sunday that followed tough new American sanctions.

The Russian foreign ministry had earlier demanded Washington cut its diplomatic presence in Russia by September to 455 — the same number Moscow has in the US. …

On Thursday, the US Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to toughen sanctions on Russia for allegedly meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

What do all those “diplomats” do? It seems an awful lot.

Nigel Farage backs Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit saying he is tougher than the Tories

Nigel Farage backs Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit saying he is tougher than the Tories, by Hugo Gye.

Mr Farage warned that the Government is betraying voters who supported Brexit because they are keen to stop mass migration.

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “The Brexit-voting public is not in denial over immigration. Many now want a total stop to it.

“For a nation to rise up against the establishment and secure a historic victory, only to have its hopes thwarted by an out-of-touch elite, is a recipe for dangerous division.

“It is strange to think that Jeremy Corbyn is now offering a tougher line than the Government when he says he would ban the wholesale importation of low-skilled EU workers.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Femme fatale Mia Ash is honeytrap to steal your secrets

Femme fatale Mia Ash is honeytrap to steal your secrets, by Mark Bridge.

Mia Ash is an attractive 29-year-old freelance photographer living in London who listens to indie music and adores social media.

She’s a bit of a hipster, having studied at Goldsmiths, University of London, and previously worked at the Clapham Picturehouse, and she is in the market for romance. Ms Ash, who hails from Great Wyrley in Staffordshire, often sports a sexy bob rather like Audrey Tautou’s in the film Amélie.

She doesn’t go for creative professionals but has a thing for older men in senior roles in the energy, IT and aerospace industries.

The trouble is, she doesn’t exist. In reality, hers is a detailed fake persona, a honeytrap conceived to steal confidential information. …

The scheme successfully lured senior figures in sensitive industries in the US, Israel, India and Saudi Arabia to reveal confidential data. Mia also planted snooping software on their companies’ computer networks to harvest data before the sting unravelled in February. …


An employee with an interest in photography had been communicating with a British “admirer” for more than a month.

The staffer had been flattered when Mia approached him on LinkedIn with questions about their mutual passion. Soon they were friends on Facebook, where they flirted and chatted frankly about their work and hobbies.

Her accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Blogger showed that she was friends with prominent photographers, so was clearly the real deal.

And her relationship status was “it’s complicated” — signalling availability. All in all, it felt like the beginning of something special.

One day she asked if her special friend could do her a favour. She needed feedback for a photography survey. It was simply a case of completing an Excel spreadsheet.

He would have to complete it on his office computer otherwise the technology would sometimes play up. Such a faff, she admitted, but she would be so grateful.

And he fell for it hook, line and sinker. Once he clicked, the attachment promptly tried to install malware on to the computer, which would enable hackers to infiltrate the network. …

Her creation:

The investigation revealed that Mia Ash’s persona had been crafted for almost a year, and her handlers had spent months befriending real photographers online to give the trap greater credibility.

The numerous photos posted of Ms Ash were lifted from the social media accounts of a Romanian student and blogger and her CV details and regular status updates were influenced by genuine LinkedIn profiles of creative professionals.

Unlike Trump, Canada aggressively pushes transgender in military

Unlike Trump, Canada aggressively pushes transgender in military, by Lianne Laurence.

Justin Trudeau’s government have hit back this week at President Trump by emphasizing that they are actively recruiting “transgendered” people for the Canadian military. …

Between 2008 and October 2015, the Canadian Forces paid out $309,000 for 19 sex-reassignment operations, Le Bouthillier told the CTV.

Homosexual, bisexual and lesbian individuals have been allowed to serve in the Canadian Forces following a 1992 court case, the CTV reports.

hat-tip Stephen Neil