Chinese Foreign Minister: ‘Refugees Should Return to Their Homeland’

Chinese Foreign Minister: ‘Refugees Should Return to Their Homeland’.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi declared on Tuesday that “refugees should return to their homeland” and made it clear China does not want any more of them.

“Nations in the Middle East are carrying an immense burden in accepting refugees from Syria and other places,” Wang said, speaking from Beirut. “Refugees are not immigrants and are roaming the world, after losing their homeland. I look forward to the time when all refugees return to their homeland to rebuild their hometowns.” …

“If refugees enter China, the Chinese people will suffer tremendously. Social anxiety will escalate,”

Taking in refugees is hardly in China’s interest, is it? Political correctness is only a western affliction.

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Erdogan Seizes 50 Churches and Monasteries, Declares Them Turkish State Property

Erdogan Seizes 50 Churches and Monasteries, Declares Them Turkish State Property. Cultural warfare that the West fails to notice except for a few human rights groups. No protest from submissive western governments.

Meanwhile, look what Ergodan is doing in Washington:

Erdogan seems intent on completing the religious cleansing of Turkey’s historic Christian populations, which began more than a century ago with the Armenian genocide, and later with the genocide and exodus of the Pontic Greek population.

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California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’

California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’, by Mark Hodges.

The state of California has ordered a travel ban for its government employees to states that have adopted laws to protect religious freedom.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a pro-abortion Democrat, has unilaterally prohibited all state-sanctioned trips to Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas because those states have passed legislation allowing those who uphold natural marriage and biological gender to live by their sincerely-held beliefs. …

Texas responds:

For its part, Texas is shrugging off the California economic threat. “California might be able to stop their state employees, but they can’t stop all the businesses that are fleeing over-taxation and over-regulation and relocating to Texas,” Gov. Greg Abbott’s press secretary, John Wittman, said.

Marc Rylander, communications director for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, commented, “It’s funny how the very state that is so adamantly against keeping terrorists out of our country — they oppose the president’s travel ban — now wants to keep Californians out of Texas.”

Texas lawmakers argued that if that California really was concerned about human rights, Gov. Jerry Brown wouldn’t have traveled to China recently. They further pointed out that Hispanic California politicians disregarded the travel ban to come to Dallas last week for a convention.

“While California prides itself on being ‘open-minded,’ it is only open-minded if you kneel at the altar of a certain political agenda,” State Rep. Wayne Frank, R-Wichita Falls, the author of the law Becerra objects to, pointed out.

Amazing. A decade ago every mainstream politician opposed gay marriage. Times are changing ever faster! What’s next?

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Jeremy Corbyn: the nation’s therapist

Jeremy Corbyn: the nation’s therapist, by Joanna Williams.

Corbyn is not messiah-like – indeed his very lack of magnetism is part of his appeal. And neither does Corbynism fill some Christianity-shaped hole in British life. The old religion demanded confession, sacrifice and a commitment that extends beyond both the present and the self. Instead, Corbynism offers followers something more immediate than salvation: self-care. His appeal is not to lapsed church-goers so much as to those who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness. …

A therapeutic ethos underpinned Labour’s manifesto, proclaimed as radical for promises to scrap university tuition fees, bring mail, rail and power services back into public ownership and provide more free childcare. These proposals were not driven by aspiration and ambition so much as an impulse to protect, nurture and take care of our collective wellbeing. Under Corbyn’s Labour party, a National Education Service would provide ‘cradle to grave’ learning. We would all have a teacher helping guide us in the right direction, while looking out for our mental health.

Corbynism is not so much style over substance, but feelings over practicalities. Labour is for all things nice: ‘equality’, ‘fairness’, ‘bridges not walls’. Corbyn talks of justice, peace and most especially of ‘giving people hope’. T-shirts, posters and memes show his face emblazoned with the single word: ‘HOPE’. But there’s little sense of what exactly we are hoping for.

At Glastonbury last weekend, Corbyn again talked about hope: ‘Hope that it does not have to be like this. That inequities can be tackled. That austerity can be ended. That you can stand up to the elites and the cynics.’ The crowd, on cue, joined in the chorus with ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’ People I’ve spoken to who were there talk about this as as one of the most politically charged moments of their lives. Everyone mentions the crying, the joyous faces, the feeling of unity, the sense that anything might be possible.

Corbyn is, for now at least, providing meaning for people in search of a sense of purpose. It is what Christopher Lasch, writing in The Culture of Narcissism, describes as a ‘momentary illusion of personal wellbeing’. Politics as therapy makes those who already have nice lives feel psychically better about themselves. But it has little to say to people who want material not spiritual change: for those who want to own their own house, not just to squat in someone else’s; or those who aspire to set the course of their own life, not remain a perpetual student.

Madrid: “Diversity police” to protect mosques during World LGBT Pride 2017

Madrid: “Diversity police” to protect mosques during World LGBT Pride 2017, by Christine Douglass-Williams.

World LGBT Pride 2017 is happening in Madrid, and “diversity police” are out in full swing, 24-7. One would think this police force might be to focused upon protecting participants from anti-LGBT hate crimes, particularly given the hatred jihadis display toward this group; they are directed by Islamic religious tenets to murder them as a divine punishment. The diversity police, however, will be allocating “resources to protect Madrid’s mosques from hate crimes”. …

Spanish gay pride parade, 2014

In Madrid, the number of hate crimes has been reported to be rising against gays, anti-Semitism is reportedly demonstrated openly, and there has been “a recent spate of attacks on Christian places of worship, including an assault with Molotov cocktails just days ago.” Nonetheless, the “diversity police” are prioritizing mosques.

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Returning Islamic State Fighters Given ‘Protected Identities’ To Start New Lives in Europe

Returning Islamic State Fighters Given ‘Protected Identities’ To Start New Lives in Europe, by Chris Tomlinson.

Hundreds of Swedish residents who went to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have now returned to Europe and the Swedish government has given several of them “protected identities” to keep locals from finding out who they are.

The vast majority of the returning jihadist fighters keep a very low profile once they get back to Sweden as many have committed terrorist offences while in the Middle East.

27-year-old Walad Ali Yousef is one returnee that the government has given a special status protecting his identity, normally given to people under serious threat Expressen reports. Mr Yousef, originally from the heavily migrant-populated city of Malmo, spoke to the newspaper complaining he had difficulty finding a job. “I am looking for many jobs but can not get one because my pictures are out there,” he said. …

Swedish authorities have been heavily criticised for welcoming Islamic State fighters returning from the Middle East and claiming to be able to integrate them back into Swedish society. Others have slammed the government for the fact that many fighters have been collecting state money even after they have left to go to the Middle East.

Robert Spencer notes:

The Islamic State has called on Muslims in Europe to commit mass murder of civilians there, and has vowed to bring down European states. These people have joined an entity that considers itself at war with European states. They should not be allowed back. Then to coddle them this way is suicidal madness.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting

The media will do anything to bash Trump — and now they’re hurting, by Michael Goodwin.

In the sixth month of Donald Trump’s presidency, we are witnessing an unprecedented meltdown of much of the media. Standards have been tossed overboard in a frenzy to bring down the president.

Trump, like all presidents, deserves coverage that is skeptical and tough, but also fair. That’s not what he’s getting.

What started as bias against him has become a cancer that is consuming the best and brightest. In rough biblical justice, media attempts to destroy the president are boomeranging and leaving their reputations in tatters.

He accuses them of publishing fake news, and they respond with such blind hatred that they end up publishing fake news. That’ll show him.

Donald Trump as superhero

CNN is at the leading edge:

CNN is suffering an especially bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even trying to make a virtue of its hostility to the president. In doing so, executives conveniently confuse animus with professional skepticism, and cite growing audiences as proof of their good judgment.

The bottom line matters, and there is certainly an audience for hating Trump all the time. But facts and fairness separate major news organizations from any other business looking to make a buck, and a commitment to them creates credibility and public trust.

That’s how CNN sold itself for years — boring but trustworthy. Now it’s boring and untrustworthy.

The Russian story is nonsense:

Writing for The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald shows how reckless CNN, the Washington Post and others have been, and makes two key points.

First, that mistakes are “always in the direction of exaggerating the threat and/or inventing incriminating links between” Russia and Trump. Second, that all the false stories “involved evidence-free assertions from anonymous sources that these media outlets uncritically treated as fact.”

He’s right, and I would add another dimension: For all the focus on Russia, the media totally missed a key point. To wit, the Obama administration did nothing about Vladimir Putin’s attempt to interfere in the 2016 election even though the White House knew about it for months.

Of course, most media organizations spent eight years cheerleading everything Obama did, and it’s no secret that members of his administration, along with career Democrats, are the anonymous sources feeding the anti-Trump narrative.

Still, it is remarkable that, if it weren’t for the unproven allegations of Trump collusion, the media would have no interest in the Russia story at all. This despite the fact that leading officials, including both Democrats and Republicans, have called the interference an “act of war.”

But it’s a strange war — one that is important only to the extent Trump can be linked to it. Otherwise, who cares?

hat-tip Charles

Scandinavia is no socialist Valhalla

Scandinavia is no socialist Valhalla, by Medeline Grant.

Viewing Scandinavian countries as socialist — or even left-wing — overlooks an essential truth about how their economies are organised. While these nations do have high taxes and generous welfare, in many respects, their markets are unusually free, adopting exactly the kind of policies that the British Left, with its rigid adherence to central planning and intervention, spends its time fighting against. …

The very concept of central government setting a “one-size fits all” policy to cover all jobs and sectors is utterly alien to the Scandinavian economies. Neither Sweden, Norway nor Denmark actually has a minimum wage. Instead, wages are decided by mutual agreement between unions and employers, which usually vary according to the industry or occupation in question. In this respect, Scandinavian labour markets are far more flexible and decentralised than Britain’s.

Corporate tax rates in Scandinavia compare favourably with those of overtly capitalist countries. Sweden and Denmark’s are among the lowest in the EU 15, while Finland’s, at 20 per cent, is on a par with Britain. Norway has the highest rate of the five countries, but, at 27 per cent, is still significantly lower than America’s (nearly 40 per cent). …

In a recent count, about 20 per cent of public hospital care and about 30 per cent of public primary care was provided by private companies – compared with around 6 per cent in Britain.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s education system – inspired by the ideas of that well-known socialist thinker Milton Friedman – allows parents to top-up the cost of private schooling with government-funded vouchers, and has led to a surge of choice and competition in schools. …

They became rich on capitalism until 1970, went more socialist and became relatively poorer, and are now rejecting socialist excesses:

In the 1970s, the size of the Swedish state began to expand in earnest under successive socialist governments. Punitive taxation, including effective marginal rates that topped 100 per cent in some cases, prompted a mass exodus of wealthy citizens and entrepreneurs, including, famously, the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad.

By 1993, when public spending had reached 67 per cent of GDP, Sweden had dropped from being the 4th richest nation in the world in the 1970s, to the 14th. Both Swedish and Danish citizens have since begun to reject “tax and spend” at the ballot box and recent years have seen a growth in support for centre-right parties, promising fiscal restraint.

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‘I meant to harm those people’: Toronto woman who pledged allegiance to ISIS appears in court

‘I meant to harm those people’: Toronto woman who pledged allegiance to ISIS appears in court, by Catherine McDonald.

Police said a woman walked to the paint section of the store with a golf club and began swinging it at employees and a customer while uttering threats.

A source confirmed to Global News the woman was reportedly wearing a niqab and a bandana adorned with what appeared to be a symbol for IS at the time of the alleged incident.

Police said employees and customers managed to subdue the woman and contact police, when she pulled a “large knife” out from under her clothing.

The woman was restrained and police said the knife was “pried out of her hand” with the help of another store employee. The employee sustained non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the scene.

Then comes court, where she demonstrated cultural incompatibility and contempt for the west:

I meant to harm those people,” Rehab Dughmosh told Justice Kimberley Crosbie through an Arabic interpreter during a court appearance.

“I reject all counsel here. I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you.”

“First of all I’m not guilty. But if you release me, I’m going to commit this type of action again and again because I’m pledging allegiance to [IS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” she said, adding she refuses to adhere to Canadian law. …

“I renounce Canadian law. I renounce any man-made law. I only believe in any law made by Allah,” she told the court Monday.

“I would like the word of Allah to be the supreme word. And I will go on and I will keep on fighting. And I will fight anyone who will fight against Islamic beliefs.”

More people like this are on their way, to a western city near you, courtesy of our PC elites and their reality-denying policies.

Mark Steyn weighs in:

Trudeau’s premise is “as soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone” …

It comes to something when a golf-club-wielding Arabic-cursing body-bagged jihadist crone unable to speak the language of “her” country and attacking patrons of a suburban shopping mall in furtherance of the global caliphate nevertheless has a better grasp of citizenship than a western prime minister. But, alas, such is the case.

Citizenship is not conditional on “good behaviour”, but it is conditional on what Rehab Dughmosh calls “allegiance”. In traditional ethnostates such as, say, Denmark, that didn’t used to be a big deal: your family had been Danish for a thousand years, you felt Danish, you lived Danish, so naturally your allegiance was to Denmark – “naturally” as in it’s so natural you don’t even think about it. That’s why we call adopting citizenship “naturalization” – because, by the end of it, it’s supposed to feel natural. …

Holding a passport does not make you Canadian and does not make you Belgian and does not make you French. … A Canadian passport may make you a Canadian citizen, as a point of law, but it does not make you a Canadian, as an actual, living, breathing reality.

Body-bagged from head to toe, speaking neither English nor French, Rehab Dughmosh has renounced her allegiance to Canada and proclaimed instead her allegiance to the Islamic State, which happens to be Canada’s enemy, which in the pre-Arbour era would be what we quaintly call “treason”. …

There are more “British Muslims” fighting for al-Baghdadi than for the Queen. Thousands more: they feel their allegiance to the Caliphate in a way that they do not for Britain. Likewise with Rehab Dughmosh: she feels her allegiance to ISIS, and not for Canada. Never did.

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‘Team JIHAD’ Ebook Chronicles Hard Left Alliance with Radical Islam

‘Team JIHAD’ Ebook Chronicles Hard Left Alliance with Radical Islam, John Hayward.

Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney … was excited to announce the release of the Center for Security Policy’s latest ebook, Team JIHAD: How Sharia Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy the United States. …

He said leftists were willing to excuse some degree of violent jihad, but they were especially relaxed about “civilizational jihad,” the “stealthy, subversive” approach favored by such organizations as the Muslim Brotherhood. …

“What we’re witnessing, both in terms of these growing appetites — if I can use that expression — on the part of the jihadists for violence, and their perception that the time has arrived in which to engage in it, because of what they are perceiving as essentially the submission of Western governments,” Gaffney argued.

“Look no further than Britain after the series of attacks, and the British government continuing to try to find ways to essentially appease and apologize to the people perpetrating much of this violence,” he said. “It reinforces their worst instincts, and doctrinally it plays into what these guys believe is their God-directed duty. When they see the infidel submitting, it is their requirement to make them feel subdued, as the Koran says – meaning pour it on.” …

Marlow described the Swedish crisis as a failure of multiculturalist dogma.

“We can dress it up as diversity, or multiculturalism, or sensitivity, or political correctness for that matter, but at the end of the day what matters is how the other side perceives it,” Gaffney replied. “Unfortunately, the way they perceive it unmistakably is as submission, and that is only going to intensify the dangers of both the stealthy kind of jihad, of course which is continuing apace here as well as elsewhere, and I’m afraid the violent kind as well.” …

“This is the moment where I think the course correction that Donald Trump promised us is both so welcome and so needed, because clearly we have been getting into a fix, I think most especially under Barack Obama, from which it was going to be very, very, very difficult and very, very, very dangerous to extricate ourselves – including in the piece that we were just talking about, Alex, the accommodation and ultimately submission to this global jihad movement,” he said.

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State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days, by Thomas Williams.

Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate [weather] to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

On Tuesday, 8,500 African migrants are reaching Italian shores aboard 14 different ships, adding to the 5,000 who arrived on Monday. The massive arrivals have led local media as well as politicians to speak of an authentic immigrant “invasion” exceeding the country’s capacity of assimilation.

Officials reported on June 15 that more than 65,000 migrants had arrived since the beginning of the year, but that was prior to the latest influx. Figures for the year now stand at 73,380 migrants into Italy, or a rise of 14.42 percent over the same period in 2016, when then-record arrivals had reached 64,133.

The exodus from Libya to the Italian coast has continuing unabated with no visible action on the part of the Italian government or the European Union to halt it.

The illegal immigrants who reach the Libyan coast from all parts of Africa (most recently, from the West), embark in the Mediterranean on makeshift boats. The majority of these are picked up either by NGOs or humanitarian organizations or official Italian Coast Guard or naval vessels.

Despite their intention to travel up through Italy into northern Europe, the vast majority of migrants end up remaining in Italy, mostly because the northern borders with France, Switzerland and Austria are closely watched.