Madrid: “Diversity police” to protect mosques during World LGBT Pride 2017

Madrid: “Diversity police” to protect mosques during World LGBT Pride 2017, by Christine Douglass-Williams.

World LGBT Pride 2017 is happening in Madrid, and “diversity police” are out in full swing, 24-7. One would think this police force might be to focused upon protecting participants from anti-LGBT hate crimes, particularly given the hatred jihadis display toward this group; they are directed by Islamic religious tenets to murder them as a divine punishment. The diversity police, however, will be allocating “resources to protect Madrid’s mosques from hate crimes”. …

Spanish gay pride parade, 2014

In Madrid, the number of hate crimes has been reported to be rising against gays, anti-Semitism is reportedly demonstrated openly, and there has been “a recent spate of attacks on Christian places of worship, including an assault with Molotov cocktails just days ago.” Nonetheless, the “diversity police” are prioritizing mosques.

hat-tip Stephen Neil