‘I meant to harm those people’: Toronto woman who pledged allegiance to ISIS appears in court

‘I meant to harm those people’: Toronto woman who pledged allegiance to ISIS appears in court, by Catherine McDonald.

Police said a woman walked to the paint section of the store with a golf club and began swinging it at employees and a customer while uttering threats.

A source confirmed to Global News the woman was reportedly wearing a niqab and a bandana adorned with what appeared to be a symbol for IS at the time of the alleged incident.

Police said employees and customers managed to subdue the woman and contact police, when she pulled a “large knife” out from under her clothing.

The woman was restrained and police said the knife was “pried out of her hand” with the help of another store employee. The employee sustained non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the scene.

Then comes court, where she demonstrated cultural incompatibility and contempt for the west:

I meant to harm those people,” Rehab Dughmosh told Justice Kimberley Crosbie through an Arabic interpreter during a court appearance.

“I reject all counsel here. I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you.”

“First of all I’m not guilty. But if you release me, I’m going to commit this type of action again and again because I’m pledging allegiance to [IS leader] Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” she said, adding she refuses to adhere to Canadian law. …

“I renounce Canadian law. I renounce any man-made law. I only believe in any law made by Allah,” she told the court Monday.

“I would like the word of Allah to be the supreme word. And I will go on and I will keep on fighting. And I will fight anyone who will fight against Islamic beliefs.”

More people like this are on their way, to a western city near you, courtesy of our PC elites and their reality-denying policies.

Mark Steyn weighs in:

Trudeau’s premise is “as soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone” …

It comes to something when a golf-club-wielding Arabic-cursing body-bagged jihadist crone unable to speak the language of “her” country and attacking patrons of a suburban shopping mall in furtherance of the global caliphate nevertheless has a better grasp of citizenship than a western prime minister. But, alas, such is the case.

Citizenship is not conditional on “good behaviour”, but it is conditional on what Rehab Dughmosh calls “allegiance”. In traditional ethnostates such as, say, Denmark, that didn’t used to be a big deal: your family had been Danish for a thousand years, you felt Danish, you lived Danish, so naturally your allegiance was to Denmark – “naturally” as in it’s so natural you don’t even think about it. That’s why we call adopting citizenship “naturalization” – because, by the end of it, it’s supposed to feel natural. …

Holding a passport does not make you Canadian and does not make you Belgian and does not make you French. … A Canadian passport may make you a Canadian citizen, as a point of law, but it does not make you a Canadian, as an actual, living, breathing reality.

Body-bagged from head to toe, speaking neither English nor French, Rehab Dughmosh has renounced her allegiance to Canada and proclaimed instead her allegiance to the Islamic State, which happens to be Canada’s enemy, which in the pre-Arbour era would be what we quaintly call “treason”. …

There are more “British Muslims” fighting for al-Baghdadi than for the Queen. Thousands more: they feel their allegiance to the Caliphate in a way that they do not for Britain. Likewise with Rehab Dughmosh: she feels her allegiance to ISIS, and not for Canada. Never did.

hat-tip byrmol