Lefty Anger Privilege: the Fake Hate Crimes Database

Lefty Anger Privilege: the Fake Hate Crimes Database. Anger privilege (if you haven’t read it, this is an important piece on this nasty modern phenomenon) is not just a blog topic — it seems to be actual US law.

Consider item 300 in the 309 reports of #Fake Hate Crimes: Church organist who reported vandalism was actually the one who did it.

George Nathaniel Stang confessed to local police that he spray painted a swastika, the words “Heil Trump” & a homophobic slur on the church where he worked. His intention was to “mobilize a movement”.  2017-05-03

Now if a Trump supporter had vandalized a church with a swastika, “Heil Trump,” and a slur about fags, the likely outcome would be a hate-crime charge.

But when a Democrat does it, the defense of sicut ludens loqui applies. It becomes a “fake hate crime” and the charge is only a misdemeanour.

Police had initially shared the case with the statewide hate crime task force, but Stang has denied that his actions were motivated by anti-Christian or anti-gay motivations.

The prosecutor’s office said they believe Stang’s intentions were not racially or religiously motivated. He is being charged with institutional criminal mischief, which is a class ‘A’ misdemeanor.

It appears that committing the exact same act, but with the additional motivation of trying to falsely blacken the name of an entire class of people (which seems the very definition of a bias crime), makes it pretty much OK.

Who gets to define “hate” again? Combine with selective enforcement of laws by police and state attorney generals under PC bureaucracies, and you have a recipe for massive political bias in the application of justice.

hat-tip Andrew