The Royal Australian Navy is advertising for ‘devout Muslims’

The Royal Australian Navy is advertising for ‘devout Muslims’, by Bernard Gaynor.

The Royal Australian Navy is now advertising for devout Muslims:

It is so desperate to secure their services that it is even kitting out mini-mosques on every base for them. Presumably, they get space at sea to pray as well. …

The ADF hierarchy will sack Defence members for expressing Christian beliefs regardless of whether they are on duty or in uniform. And they will actively recruit Muslims and set aside work spaces so that they can pray. …

[The Islam Q&A] website has the very helpful question:

“What is the ruling on Muslims serving in the military of non muslim country ? What is the evidence for its permissibility or prohibition? And lastly, what is the status of a Muslim working to help those in the military to fulfill their obligations to Allaah while serving in the Army, Navy, or whatever?”

It’s a good question. Are Muslims allowed to serve in non-Muslim militaries?

Well, the answer is yes, provided it benefits the Islamic world. And learning the secrets of non-Islamic militaries is one way that such service can benefit the Islamic world.

What could possibly go wrong?

hat-tip Stephen Neil