The Mal-churian Candidate

The Mal-churian Candidate, by Paul Collits.

One would be at a loss to come up with a more perfect scenario of a conspiracy to destroy the Liberal Party and hand government to Labor, while in the meantime actually implementing Labor policies, than what has actually transpired under Turnbull.

  • All but lose to Labor an unlosable election, through appalling campaigning?  Tick
  • Perform so badly in office as a politician so as to make a Labor win at the next election all but inevitable? Tick
  • Sideline and attempt to silence any resistance within the Liberal Party to the emerging direction?  Tick
  • Kill any semblance of conservative policy development and implementation?  Tick
  • Follow core policy directions of Labor (and indeed the Greens) while keeping the ministerial leather warm for Bill?  Tick

Need one actually list examples of active Labor/Greens policy enactment?  Well, here are some.

  • Big and growing government spending?  Tick
  • Gonski? Tick
  • Safe Schools? Tick
  • Same sex marriage (on the way apparently,without the promised plebiscite) Tick
  • Ludicrous support for renewable energy, general climate lunacy and the careerist debasement of science? Tick
  • Labor-friendly appointments of left-leaning mates to the ABC? Tick
  • Cut assistance to traditional families with stay-at-home mothers? Tick

Equally, one could compile a dossier of conservative policies not implemented to make the same point. Cut the ABC back to size? Don’t make me laugh. Cut the overall size of government? Perish the thought. End subsidies to renewable energy and support for the climate scam? See above. Embed conservatives in key strategic areas of government? Again, see above. Strengthen traditional marriage, even defend it in the public square? Don’t be ridiculous! Kill off useless QANGOS? Nope. Give comfort to private schools? Righto….

hat-tip Stephen Neil