Serena Williams v Nick Kyrgios: let’s cut through the comedy

Serena Williams v Nick Kyrgios: let’s cut through the comedy, by Will Swanton.

It all started with John McEnroe claiming Williams would be “like 700 in the world” if she was on the men’s tour. You know Wimbledon is coming up when Mac says something inflammatory.

That prompts 3AW’s Tony Jones to disagree and suggest that Williams would beat Kyrgios because she is mentally tougher. …

In 1998, Serena and Venus thought they could beat a man ranked around the No 200 mark. Germany’s world No 203 Karsten Braasch was wheeled out during the Australian Open.

They played on Court 17 at Melbourne Park. He beat Serena 6-1. He beat Venus 6-2. …

Baasch wrote in a column for The Observer in 2001: “Both sisters are great tennis players and hit the ball extremely well. However, if you’ve been playing on the men’s tour there are certain shots you can play that are going to put them in difficulty. Try and put a lot spin on the ball — I was hitting the ball with a degree of spin they don’t face week-in, week-out. Another key is to chase down every shot. In our match, they were putting shots into the corners that on the women’s tour would be winners but I was able to return them.”