UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Gullible Young Followers

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Gullible Young Followers, by Jaymez.

I just watched a news item showing the British Labour party leader in front of an adoring and chanting crowd at the Glastonbury music festival. I know the crowd at that festival are hardly representative of all young people, but no political leader should be ‘adored’ in that way. It was reminiscent of the shows of emotion we see in North Korea for their supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Unlike many people, I don’t believe most of the North Koreans are just putting on a show. They really have swallowed the State propaganda which tells them that the US would attack any day now, if it wasn’t for their fearless leader protecting them.

In a similar way, these young people at Glastonbury have accepted the propaganda. One of Corbyn’s points which got the most positive response went something like this:

“You got sick of being told you would have to pay more to get less in education, health, housing…..”

Of course everyone loves a person who effectively says I can give you more of what you want, and it will cost you less. But can Corbyn actually do that? Almost certainly not. His answer when asked about funding his many promises is that “We will get the rich to pay their fair share of taxes, and make big corporations pay more tax”.

Most people love that line, because they aren’t rich. Especially young people, who haven’t yet worked for decades to build a career or a business while paying high taxes and slowly building the wealth that the young are so jealous of.

History and arithmetic indicate that reality is not going to co-operate, even if they do elect JC as the British leader.

Ohh please, these guys: