British Police Just Imprisoned A Man For Posting Mean Things About Muslims On Facebook

British Police Just Imprisoned A Man For Posting Mean Things About Muslims On Facebook, by Joshua Yasmeh.

A man who posted what authorities deemed “hateful” things about Muslims on Facebook is facing … more than a year in prison in Sussex, a coastal county in southeast England, United Kingdom.

“The charges brought in this case are extremely serious and were only brought against four people in England and Wales during 2016,” said Sussex Police Hate Crime Sergeant Peter Allan (because apparently “Hate Crime Sergeant” is a real, taxpayer-funded, paid position in 2017 Great Britain). “Nigel Pelham used Facebook to express some truly offensive views, with no understanding of how serious his actions were.”

As the Sussex police’s own statement makes clear, Pelham didn’t make any explicit threats against any individuals. This “crime” featured what the metropolitan Left likes to call “hate speech” (as if that phrase is somehow objective or stable despite being entirely premised on the secular gospel of identity politics).

Adding insult to injury, authorities have placed a target on Pelham’s back, gratuitously publicizing personal information about the location of his residence only after forcing him to pay a “victim surcharge” and having his computers confiscated.

“On June 16 he was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court in London to 20 months for each of the eight counts to run concurrently,” say the police. “He also has to pay £100 victim surcharge and has had two hard drives and his tower computer confiscated,” stated the Sussex police. …

Make no mistake “hate speech” diktats are nothing more than modern-day blasphemy laws. You would expect something like this in Saudi Arabia, where bloggers are brutally lashed for “insulting” Islam, an idea that should be examined in the public forum like any other idea. But the United Kingdom? A post-Enlightenment Western European state?

So what did he say? He advocated violence against Muslims on Facebook, including suggesting Britain should introduce a ‘bomb a mosque day’ scheme. Even apart from the freedom of speech issue, there is a monumental double standard at work here — leftists and their mascots (who currently include Muslims) are seemingly free to advocate violence, but anyone else is not. See Anger Privilege: Only leftists are allowed to be angry. If the British police went after Muslims and leftists who publicly advocate violence, their jails would be overflowing.