Australia’s arch-deplorable Pauline Hanson says kids allowed to run riot in schools

Australia’s arch-deplorable Pauline Hanson says kids allowed to run riot in schools, by Renee Viellaris.

PAULINE Hanson has demanded teachers wield more discipline in their classrooms and failing students repeat grades, ahead of crucial talks with the Federal Government over contentious school funding reforms. …

Senator Hanson said she had told Mr Turnbull that teachers should be stricter, including forcing kids to do “lines” and be booted out of class if they distracted others. It is understood Senator Hanson knows the issues are a state matter but wants to explore if the states can be forced to become tougher. She has not advocated for physical punishment.

Senator Hanson also believes too many students are progressing up the grades when they are not ready.

She also dismissed teachers’ union criticisms that classrooms had become too big. Senator Hanson said she was the top of her class when she shared a teacher with at least 50 other students.

“I have long said throwing money at education is not always the answer. We have an obligation to children and their parents to ensure teachers are at a high level of teaching standard, coupled with a restoration of discipline in the classroom. Classrooms are not some Brisbane Ekka show stall where everyone gets a prize.

“We have to recognise children’s strengths and weaknesses and teach them accordingly, even if that requires failing some and having them repeat a grade.


hat-tip Stephen Neil