Some European Countries Take Firmer Stance Against Anti-Israel NGOs

Some European Countries Take Firmer Stance Against Anti-Israel NGOs, by Joesph Puder.

The recent terrorist attacks in Europe by Muslim jihadists using car (truck) ramming’s and knifings to kill innocent civilian bystanders may have jolted some European governments to recognize that Israel is indeed “the canary in the coal mine.” The car ramming’s and knifings first occurred in Israel with Palestinian jihadists using this method to kill Israelis.

It has been emulated by Jihadists in France, Germany, and Britain. It was however, the regime of Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah and Hamas in Gaza who have used their mosques, media, and educational systems to spread incitement and hate of non-Muslims, particularly Israelis and Jews …

Some European governments have finally awakened to the reality that their charities, particularly those funding Palestinian NGO’s, are in essence supporting incitement to hate and anti-Semitism. The Swiss parliament decided to change the country’s policy with regards to funding Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that are involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The new policy would bar funding of organizations that participate in incitement and spreading of hate propaganda, racism and anti-Semitism. …

The governments of Switzerland, Denmark and Norway have finally recognized that they have been duped by numerous Palestinian NGO’s. These NGO’s have shown that behind their innocuous names and advertising façades lurks hateful missions to do harm to Israel and Jewish people.  … The actions of the above mentioned European governments is a welcomed sign that they are waking up to the evil of Islamic jihadism, be it against Europe or Israel.

hat-tip Stephen Neil