Masks slip to reveal the ugly face of the future

Masks slip to reveal the ugly face of the future, by Maurice Newman.

In his 1960s bestseller, The Naked Communist, former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen lays bare an ambitious Marxist manifesto. He identifies 46 goals ranging from reordering Western values and institutions to a one-world government under the UN.

A major objective was the capture of one or both of the major US political parties. Marxists would use the courts to weaken US institutions through technical decisions based on human rights. Schools would become transmission belts for socialist propaganda and, by softening the curriculum, teachers’ associations would carry the party line in textbooks on the list of required reading. Loyalty oaths would be abolished

They aimed to infiltrate the media and control editorial writing, book reviews and student newspapers.

Where possible, key positions in radio, television and film would be filled with sympathetic presenters, actors and producers.

“Cultural Marxism” would target all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship”. Lower cultural standards of ­morality would be encouraged through wider acceptance of pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, movies, radio and TV. Degeneracy and promiscuity were to be presented as “normal, natural and healthy”.

Even churches would be targeted. Traditional religion would be replaced with “social” religion. The aim was to discredit the Bible and mock those who saw a need for a “religious crutch”. …

Today, “cultural Marxism” is pervasive.

In Australia, parliaments have surrendered traditional values with scarcely a sigh.

The curriculums in our schools and universities drill “progressive” ideology into the hearts and minds of students. A recent Institute of Public Affairs survey found almost 80 per cent of Australia’s universities stifle intellectual ­debate. Moral relativism reigns supreme.

Our courts are thick with politicians in robes. Conceited judges seek unnecessarily to bully critics into silence while, in sentencing, we are accustomed to criminals being treated as victims of an unjust society.

Our public broadcasters drip with fashionable left-wing causes. Cultural institutions foster leftist activists and socialist propaganda. Even our armed forces have been infiltrated. Shouting at subordinates is now outlawed and trainees who find instructors overbearing can hold up red cards. Ensuring that the navy focuses on all aspects of diversity, a strategic adviser on Islamic cultural affairs was appointed at the same time a 102-year-old motto was removed from chaplains’ badges lest it cause offence.

As US commentator Paul Murphy writes, the left seeks “non-violent revolution through their work in the rights and race businesses. Specifically, they defend ‘revolutionary subjects’ such as Islamists, Islamic terrorists, sexual groomers, rapists, criminals, leftist activists and so on. The rights of minorities are fought for and given a superior status vis-a-vis what they call the ‘dominant culture’.”

Now, with the finish line in sight, the seductive mask of socialism is starting to slip, revealing the brutal authoritarian face behind. We hear of meetings being abandoned because of threats of violence from left-wing activists. Hotel staff receive physical threats should a Christian meeting, opposed to same-sex marriage, proceed. Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels her Australian speaking tour, citing safety fears. One Nation leader Pauline Hanson withdraws from a forum because her security cannot be guaranteed. Conservative Sky News commentator Andrew Bolt is set upon by leftists. The list is endless. Yet we tolerate the intolerant and defend the indefensible, cravenly shouldering the blame.

Read it all. Wait, just a little more:

But this is nowhere as irresponsible as the ratification of the Paris emission targets, which effectively cede de facto control of the Australian economy’s commanding heights, critical sectors that dominate economic activity, such as electricity generation, heavy manufacturing, mining and transport, to unelected UN ­bureaucrats in Geneva and Bonn.

The Prime Minister described this as “a watershed, or turning point”. Indeed it is. Such meek surrender brings the Marxist dream of one-world government another step closer.