‘UK playing two-faced game: condemning extremism, while cultivating jihadists’

‘UK playing two-faced game: condemning extremism, while cultivating jihadists’, by RT.

Neil Clark, British journalist and writer:

“The story really is that the British government and the British authorities have been playing a very two-faced game. On the one hand, they’ve been verbally coming out and condemning hate preachers and extremism, but on the other hand, they’ve also been cultivating jihadists radical Islamists in order to help them topple governments around the Middle East they didn’t like, for example, Assad’s government in Syria and Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya.

Raza Nadim, campaigns coordinator & spokesperson for Muslim advocacy group MPACUK:

The reality is, most Muslim don’t feel safe and they haven’t for a while…They are genuinely concerned how toxic the environment is for Muslims; you look at how Muslims are treated as a political football. For some people it is a very real dilemma: do I stay here and be treated as a second class citizens and put my life at risk, or do I actually leave and live in more relative peace?

hat-tip Stephen Neil