Immigration is destroying housing affordability, we need an Australia-first migration program

Immigration is destroying housing affordability, we need an Australia-first migration program, by Mark Latham.

Instead of cutting immigration numbers to bring down housing demand and housing prices, Liberal and Labor are focusing on just one side of the housing market: increased supply.

They want to flood the Sydney basin with wall-to-wall urbanisation. …

This is the snake oil of our time: the fantastic notion that in a city ­already heavily congested, we can swamp Western Sydney with new arrivals and new suburbs and somehow the magic of “improved urban planning” will produce a metropolitan ­nirvana. …

The head of the Greater Sydney Commission, Lucy Turnbull, has said “we need to plan for an additional 1.74 million people by 2036”, mostly in Sydney’s West.

She’s part of the cheer squad for “improved urban planning”, with “an aspiration for a 30-minute city”, so everyone can live within half-an-hour of his or her workplace. …

Funny how in most cities the nice areas where the elite live — including the top bureaucrats — has got great transport, but the places where the elite don’t live tend to have inadequate roads and weak public transport:

Southwest Sydney has the worst of all worlds: Shanghai’s residential expansion with Botswana’s road building capacity.

With so much growth on its urban fringe, Sydney’s traffic congestion has turned upside down.

Around the city centre, on roads like the Cross-City Tunnel, you can put down a picnic blanket and enjoy morning tea without too many cars bothering you.

Sixty kilometres away, on Narellan Rd, the morning peak starts at 5.30, with delays stretching to 40 minutes.

Barely a day goes by when we don’t curse this wretched roadway and the imbeciles who planned it. …

Sydney is full.

It will never be a liveable city as long as massive immigration numbers overwhelm our suburbs and clog up our roads.

Why don’t our political leaders understand this reality?

They don’t see the problems because they don’t live near them.

The Big Australia mentality that sustains the nation’s 200,000-plus annual immigration program is the ultimate act of selfishness.

The business lobbyists, economists and MPs pushing for big migration numbers do so safe in the knowledge that overcrowding and congestion will never affect the gentrified, inner-city boroughs in which they live.