Facebook Suspends Priest for Sharing Politically Incorrect Thoughts About Islam

Facebook Suspends Priest for Sharing Politically Incorrect Thoughts About Islam, by Debra Heine.

Facebook may be failing to keep up with terrorists who use the social media platform to incite, enlist, and organize would-be killers, but it’s Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to Catholic priests who share politically incorrect thoughts about Islam.

Late last month Facebook temporarily suspended the account of Fr. John Higgins, the pastor St. Raymond Parish in Downey, Calif., in response to a post he had written about the history of Islam. …

Here is the offending post:

Greg Stone, a friend of Fr. Higgins who does work for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, called on Facebook to honor its pledge not to censor different points of view in a widely shared Facebook post about the suspension. … That content has been removed as well. …

Facebook came under fire last year when it was accused of systematically censoring topics to avoid exposing users to a conservative point of view.

So much that cannot be said on Facebook, and the media will not report. Why?

The priest has a sense of humor about it:

hat-tip Stephen Neil