Who needs jihad?

Who needs jihad? by Joseph Poprzeczny.

Islamic migration and settlement rests on markedly different precepts that are diametrically opposed to the New World’s traditions of welcoming newcomers and promoting integration since their forebears were beneficiaries.

Islam does not welcome religious diversity. Instead it sets about dominating other faiths, relentlessly seeking to convert what they call infidel ranks. That is the theme of Solomon’s and Al Maqdisi’s important book. It outlines how Islam has used and promoted migration since the 7th century to Islamise peoples in other lands whereas the Europeans who settled the New World nations have tolerated diversity. …

The authors show Islam embodies a long-standing doctrine of emigration, called Al-Hijra, designed to expunge, not tolerate, other creeds. Islam rejects outright diverse ‘melting pot’ societies such as those that have emerged across the New World. Al-Hijra is as important to Mohammed’s vision for an Islamic State as is militant jihad.

Al-Hijra actually predates jihad. It was the crucial opening gambit in Islam’s expansionism that began with Mohammad’s leaving Mecca for Medina in 622 AD. …

Islam is not merely a religion:

Solomon and Al Maqdisi describe Islam as ‘a whole encompassing political system, garbed in religious outfit, addressing every aspect of the life of its adherents.’

It is best viewed as a military doctrine and as a technique of ensuring permanent occupation of the conquered. Mohammed is thus best viewed as the greatest military thinker in history since he bequeathed his followers a bloody (jihad) and bloodless (al-Hijra) way to conquering infidels.

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hat-tip Stephen Neil