Sweden: Migrant Stabs Passengers When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket, Blames ‘Racism’

Sweden: Migrant Stabs Passengers When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket, Blames ‘Racism’, by Jack Montgomery. There are so many of these individual attack stories now that they rarely get posted, but imagine being in this railway carriage:

An Iraqi man travelling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train… Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, became infuriated when [an] unnamed woman, who was wearing a veil, was asked to show her rail ticket by a female conductor.

The Muslim woman complained she had already been asked to show her ticket once before, although eyewitnesses say the conductor was “polite and correct”. …

Hussain sprang to his feet and demanded to know why the conductor had asked to see the woman’s ticket, refusing to accept her explanation that she was “only doing her job” and he became “extremely intimidating”.

Other passengers intervened to try and calm him down, but this only increased his anger. He accused them of racism, threatening one of the men in particular and striking him in the face.

Alarmed, Hussain’s victim wrestled him to the floor – but the Iraqi managed to break free and produced a long kitchen knife, stabbing the man four times in the side and back and inflicting critical internal wounds.

Witnesses describe how Hussain then strode around the train cabin “as if he had won the national championship”, brandishing his bloody knife at the terrified passengers and demanding a father and his daughter tell him if they were “also racists”.

Hussain then began lecturing his captive audience on equality, instructing them that everyone was of “equal value” and demanding they show respect while his victim lay bleeding. …

Hussain has an extremely long criminal record, and should have been serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence for a variety of offences at the time of his attack – but was released early.

He will not be deported from Sweden after his current sentence is completed, having been awarded EU citizenship in 2008 despite having already wracked up several convictions.

Obviously Sweden needs more immigrants like that. Where can they get them?

Sweden’s ruling class prides itself on leading the “humanitarian superpower” of the world, denies there are no-go regions or that Islam presents any special problems, and is importing yet more Muslim immigrants.

What is the future for native Swedes? Emigration? To where? I’ve met several people in Australia who have emigrated from Europe in the last few years due to “troubles”. There must be lots of them, but their stories are never told in the media.

hat-tip Stephen Neil