Turnbull sucks up to journalists, hurts Australia with Trump bash

Turnbull sucks up to journalists, hurts Australia with Trump bash, by Andrew Bolt.

Malcolm Turnbull’s mockery of Donald Trump at the Press Gallery ball exactly demonstrates why he’s a disastrous leader of a Liberal party.

He sucked up to a Left-wing audience by bashing a conservative.

He put his popularity among the Left above the national interest. …

Consider: would Turnbull have done such a riff mocking Barack Obama? The Chinese president?

But he did mock a Republican president, knowing he was in a room full of Trump haters and would get a big laugh.

It did not occur to him to confront the Leftist group think. He just pandered to it, instead. …

In mocking Trump, Turnbull also put his popularity with a room full of journalists above the national interest, which surely lies in our Prime Minister being on good terms with the leader of world’s most powerful nation and our most important ally. That is not a relationship to be trashed just for the sake of an easy laugh with the Liberals’ natural enemies.