Trump and the end of the beginning

Trump and the end of the beginning, by Roger Kimball.

There is a small pen of chihuahuas yapping wildly that Trump should be impeached because, because, because — the doggies will get back to us later with a reason. (The real reason is simply that they don’t like Mr. Trump.) Were that to happen, it would precipitate the gravest crisis since South seceded.

But I don’t expect it to happen. Why? Because Trump is succeeding like gangbuster nearly everywhere: judicial appointments are one thing all his supporters point to, but there is also his roll-back of the regulatory burden, his plan to cut taxes, to ditch and replace Obamacare (it’s happening), his enforcement of the immigration laws, his revitalization of the military, and on and on. The man has had a startling string of successes, though the media won’t tell you that. …

As Conrad Black argues in The National Interest, Trump is actually winning the war on Washington. His greatest problem, Black points out, is not “spurious charges or media hostility . . . but the cowardice of congressional Republicans.”