Concrete bollards for Melbourne CBD to avoid car terror attack

Concrete bollards for Melbourne CBD to avoid car terror attack, by Anthony Galloway.

TEN potential terror targets in the CBD have been identified in a top secret government briefing.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal security assessments say the sites are at risk of a car attack, prompting a rapid roll out of cement barriers.

The bollards weighing up to five tonnes will be deployed at the high pedestrian traffic areas and will be installed overnight without any warning over the next two weeks. …

The Andrews Government’s security cabinet subcommittee was told this week that the sites where members of the public gather were vulnerable to a London style assault. …

Electronic bollards will also be set up across tram tracks to stop events like Bourke St.

Federation Square in Melbourne. Now even more beautiful.

What? Now we need these to protect us in our cities from attacks by Muslims? What an idiotic, short term, inadequate, expensive and inconvenient response, which does not begin to address the real problem. Is every pavement where people might gather anywhere in the western world to be littered with 5-tonne bollards to prevent car and truck attacks? A laughable “solution” by our inept leaders.

The locations are being kept secret to avoid giving any indication to would-be terrorists that the areas are at risk.

Surely they are joking.

Is this “cultural enrichment” by Islam we are told will be so wonderful?

hat-tip Stephen Neil