Finkel ‘another carbon tax’ says Malcolm Roberts

Finkel ‘another carbon tax’ says Malcolm Roberts, by Rachael Blaxendale.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts said the Clean Energy Target was no more than “a carbon tax levied at the retail level” which will be passed on to consumers. …

Malcolm Roberts

“If we just went back to normal coal-fired operations we would have the reliability, the security, the stabilisation and the lower cost that we used to have.”

“Instead of what we rely on now where we are able to go and flick a switch and get cheap power, or used to be able to ten years ago, what will happen is that ‘flick a switch’ will be replaced by ‘kill with a bill’. We will have old people, people on fixed incomes not being able to afford energy. That is already happening. This is a disaster.”

Senator Roberts disputes the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide emissions, describing the peer review system as “buddy review”.

He disputed Dr Finkel and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg’s assertions that the new clean energy target will not prevent new coal-fired power stations being built and the sector will not be punished. …

“This is another carbon tax. The Liberal backbenchers that I’ve spoken to are nervous, very nervous. …

Senator Roberts said the Labor Party had abandoned its base on climate change policy. “Its base used to be the honest workers and its base used to be people who depended on cheap energy — coal miners, for example,” he said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil